Favorite Food Shots from the past nine months

About nine months ago I got pregnant. About nine months ago Ben and I bought our first house. About nine months ago I also took my first food photography class. It has been a year of new beginnings. I’m not sure what the future will look after our baby arrives so this seemed like a fitting time for some reflection. I wanted to share my favorite food shots from the past nine months. I’ve been learning about color theory, composition, styling, and movement. I love food photography because food is a love language for me. It engages all the senses and brings people together. Creating images using food excites me. So here is some of my favorite work. You’ve probably seen many of these images on my Food Gallery page or shared on social media but it’s quite pleasing for me to put them all in one place.

So looking towards the future:

I’m going to have different priorities very very soon. We’re about to have a baby. But regardless of that, I want to keep creativity prominent in my life. I want to keep expanding my portfolio. I want to carve out space to create more images. And ultimately, I want to work for other people. I want to take photos for restaurants, magazines, cookbooks, blogs, and personal chefs. If you’re interested in collaborating please reach out. I’m not sure what my schedule will look like moving forward but right now I’m on fire about this and would love to hear from you.

Restaurant Photography: Café Blue Moose. New Hope, PA

Last week I had the pleasure of taking photos at the Café Blue Moose in New Hope, PA. Let me tell you what, their food is sooooo GOOD. I was there on a Wednesday which is neighbor’s night. One night a week, they offer three unique courses for a set price of $26. It is so worth it. You get to order things that aren’t on the normal weekly menu and it’s guaranteed to be delicious. I got to try salmon and asparagus with what I think was a béarnaise sauce. It tasted creamy and zesty at the same time. Bliss in a bite.

But equally entertaining to the food served at the Blue Moose is their unique decor. Flowers made from silverware bloom from outdoor planters while whisks, cheese graters, and springform pans serve as light fixtures. It’s really quite inspiring.

Other things pictured include a starter salad, fresh baked baguettes, pear cake, hot coffee, and Cajun eggs Benedict. It’s hard to pick a favorite because all the food is so yummy. Regardless, I was only there to take photos. Tasting was just an added benefit.

Food Photography: Sprig and Vine. New Hope, PA

I have been really into food photography lately. And food writing. I don’t know if it’s just my pregnancy increased appetite or a true career shift but I’m into it. So I’ve been reaching out to different restaurants to take photos for them.

Here are some images from Sprig and Vine, a vegan/vegetarian restaurant in New Hope, Pa. Their food is not only beautiful but also delicious. Pictured (in order) is their edamame falafel, green curry coconut jasmine rice cakes, scrambled tofu tacos, and tiramisu with homemade coconut ice cream. This place is GOOD. I hope you enjoy the photos!

Martin and Annalisa's Waterfall Wedding

Martin and Annalisa were married this past August at Laughing Waters, a wedding venue tucked within 900 preserved acres of Hickory Nut Forest just outside of Asheville, North Carolina. Unfortunately I finished editing their photos in the midst of moving houses and dealing with first trimester pregnancy exhaustion so I never got around to sharing highlights from their day. Until now!

As a very adventurous couple, it made perfect sense for Martin and Annalisa to get married outside alongside a splashing tumble down creek filled with mossy boulders and waterfalls. Their wedding was fun, relaxed, and very sweet. I always love a couple who is up for hiking through the woods in wedding clothes. And I’m pretty sure Annalisa was barefoot most of the day.

Currently Martin and Annalisa are traveling through Eastern Europe where they turned their work-from-home jobs into work-from-anywhere jobs. You can follow their adventures @theworkingvacationer on instagram or on their blog theworkingvacationer.com. Their intrepid spirits and drive to explore is inspiring.


Yesterday we had a snow day from school. I awoke craving french toast (one of the best snow day foods) and darted off to the store to buy challah bread before the bad weather hit. Thus began this breakfast adventure. Blueberry basil french toast topped with greek yogurt and jam. The flavors really sang together.

So naturally, it was time to practice food photography.

It’s something I can really get into the flow of you know?

Fidgeting forks around, adding and removing props, trying different angles. It feels a lot like getting the perfect ring shot at a wedding (only I had longer than 7 minutes to do it).

I’m accustomed to photographing people. A job where you need to direct, listen, respond, and soothe. Food doesn’t need any of that. It’s quite liberating. I can rearrange to my hearts content until I get what I want without worrying about how my subject is faring.

I’ve been interested in food photography since high school. These days, it’s something I feel called to pursue. I feel called to pursue food photography and it’s different for me. I have been focused on portraits the past five years and weddings for the last two. Food is a leap in a very different direction. Will there be work for me in the foodie world? Will it just be a hobby? I don’t know but I want to do it. I want to make time to take food photos. I want to reach out to restaurants, caterers, and work my way up to cookbook publishers.

However, I’m pregnant and tired. We have a baby due in June and I don’t want to bite off more than I can chew (no pun intended). I tend to set lots of goals for myself and get frustrated when I don’t have the energy to complete them all.

So at the start of 2019, I set the intention to rest.

Resting is difficult for me.

I find little satisfaction in it.

But right now, resting feels necessary so I’m not going to set any new freelancer career goals until after the baby arrives. BUT I’m writing publicly on my photography website that in addition to my regular portraiture work and event photography, I want to take food photos.

Exploring and creating

A while ago I read this post by Caleb Kerr about developing as a photographer.

In it he talks about only posting work you want to be hired to do.

This past summer I took some classes on starting a photography business and felt inspired to pursue weddings and engagements. They are an area I feel quite confident in and they pay the best.

However, I am a woman of many interests and passions and I don’t feel comfortable nailing myself into one box. I like engagement and wedding photography. But I also like food photography and product photography and other areas too. So despite all the advice I hear about focusing your field, I’ve added a food photography and a felting (those who know me personally know that I craft wool gnomes) photography section to my website. Maybe it detracts from the weddings I would love to get hired for but at the same time, I think it’s ok to experiment and share different kinds of work. The idea of shooting for a cookbook makes my heart flutter. Creating a unique children’s book from gnome photos would also be a dream come true.

I want to have a focus. I want to know what kind of work I will be most successful at. But we can’t know the future. So right now, I want to experiment. I want to photograph what inspires me and see where those breadcrumbs lead. Foodie photography? Children’s books? Branding work? I don’t know. But I do know that I never ever ever want to stop creating.


Rose and Michael's Wedding


Rose and Michael got married in a Michigan apple orchard. The weather was sunny, crisp, and beautiful. Rose is one of my best friends from the 2010-2011 year we spent serving in Americorps together. She has a playful and adventurous spirit that infects the people around her. Being in her and Michael’s wedding was a total blast. I hope you enjoy the photos!

Pittsburgh New Church: Dedan and Jess' Wedding

I don't usually leave my neck of the woods in North East Philly but this wedding took me to Pittsburgh, PA. Jess and Dedan are both good friends of mine and I was so happy to be invited to photograph their wedding. The day was pure magic. Very relaxed, happy, and completely focused on the important thing: getting married. 

Bryn Athyn Cathedral: Zach and Annalisa Engagement

We took these photos on a chilly day in March when summer's heat felt like a daydream on the horizon. The tenderness between Annalisa and Zach seemed to stave off any sense of cold in the air and the wind whipping over top of Cathedral hill lessened to a balmy breeze. It's hard to believe that their wedding is next weekend! The months moved in fast forward to bring us here and I'm only just sharing their engagement photos! If I were to describe this couple in one word it would have to be respectful. I see respect between Annalisa and Zach that I admire and want to emulate in my own relationship. They are an example of gentleness and clear communication. I feel blessed to know them and can't wait to see what's next in their lives together. Congratulations and love you both.

Bryn Athyn Cathedral Engagement Photography

Glencairn Museum Engagement: Dedan and Jess

There are some people I am just so thankful to know. Dedan and Jess are some of those people. Dedan is a pilot and Jess is a children's librarian. They currently live on the island of Saint Thomas but recently celebrated their betrothal at Glencairn Museum in Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania. We had about an hour together on the museum grounds to take photos and it was completely magical. The light was perfect, the flowers were just starting to bloom, and the sphere this couple carried was beyond happy. I felt completely honored to witness it. 

Glencairn Museum Engagement Photography, Bryn Athyn PA. Montgomery County.

Inside Bronwen Henry's Studio

For starters, I have been a fan of Brownen Henry's artwork for years. It's bright. It's beautiful. It's bold. She has a flare for color while capturing the simple beauty in nature. But what I was amazed to learn about is the discipline she has to her work. Bronwen begins her day at 5am so she has time to paint before sending her children to school and going to her office job. 5am! I'm lucky to be out of bed half an hour before it's time for me to rush out the door. Her story is breathtaking and inspiring. I felt completely honored to photograph this woman in her home workspace. 

To see more of Bronwen's artwork you can visit www.bronwenmayerhenry.com

Pennypack Ecological Restoration Trust: Angela and Jon Maternity

Wow! I felt so blessed to take these photos. We hiked out into the Pennypack's snowy fields at dawn and watched as the sun lit up the ground with sparkles and the light caught in the tree's ice covered branches. It was breathtaking. A beautiful moment right before this couple welcomes their little one into the world. Angela and Jon are amazing people. They're fun. They're down-to-earth. They're kind. I feel happy to know them and was honored to photograph this special moment in their lives. 


Pennypack Ecological Restoration Trust. Huntingdon Valley, PA. Montgomery County.

Wedding: Beth and Mike

We had a snow day from school today which meant I had time to work on some long awaited photo editing from Beth and Mike's wedding this past December. I feel so blessed to be invited to capture these special moments for other people. Honestly, I think that's one of the best parts of being a photographer. Granted, along with these once in a lifetime moments comes pressure, but the more I shoot the more comfortable I feel. That and I've also been blessed with taking photos for a series of very relaxed brides. Beth was definitely one of them. As a second grade teacher, Beth makes organization look like second nature. Everything on wedding day flowed smoothly along and she was a barrel of laughs. Her laughter was so contagious that I couldn't help but smile while sorting through photos in post production. So I hope you enjoy the highlights! It was a beautiful day for a beautiful couple. 

Borough Park, Bryn Athyn: The Alden Family

Liesel Alden just turned one year old. Last autumn, she was a bump and now she's a tiny human! Photographing this family was an absolute joy. Micah and Tania are amazing parents the love in their family really shines through. 

As my peers are turning into parents, I'm finding myself photographing young families and babies more than I ever have. It's a very special sphere that I feel honored to be invited into.

Family Photography. Borough Park, Bryn Athyn PA. Montgomery County.

Pennypack Ecological Restoration Trust: Sarah and Schuyler Autumn Engagement

I had the best time taking photos for this cute couple. Sarah and Schuyler are friendly and very down-to-earth. Literally. They're an outdoorsy duo who spend free weekends going camping and hiking and doing all the things I wish I made more time to do. I loved that they were game for trekking through overgrown meadows and going off path to get different shots. It was a blast!

Engagement Photography. Pennypack Ecological Restoration Trust. Huntingdon Valley, PA. Montgomery County.