Rose and Michael's Wedding


Rose and Michael got married in a Michigan apple orchard. The weather was sunny, crisp, and beautiful. Rose is one of my best friends from the 2010-2011 year we spent serving in Americorps together. She has a playful and adventurous spirit that infects the people around her. Being in her and Michael’s wedding was a total blast. I hope you enjoy the photos!

Pittsburgh New Church: Dedan and Jess' Wedding

I don't usually leave my neck of the woods in North East Philly but this wedding took me to Pittsburgh, PA. Jess and Dedan are both good friends of mine and I was so happy to be invited to photograph their wedding. The day was pure magic. Very relaxed, happy, and completely focused on the important thing: getting married. 

Bryn Athyn Cathedral: Zach and Annalisa Engagement

We took these photos on a chilly day in March when summer's heat felt like a daydream on the horizon. The tenderness between Annalisa and Zach seemed to stave off any sense of cold in the air and the wind whipping over top of Cathedral hill lessened to a balmy breeze. It's hard to believe that their wedding is next weekend! The months moved in fast forward to bring us here and I'm only just sharing their engagement photos! If I were to describe this couple in one word it would have to be respectful. I see respect between Annalisa and Zach that I admire and want to emulate in my own relationship. They are an example of gentleness and clear communication. I feel blessed to know them and can't wait to see what's next in their lives together. Congratulations and love you both.

Bryn Athyn Cathedral Engagement Photography

Glencairn Museum Engagement: Dedan and Jess

There are some people I am just so thankful to know. Dedan and Jess are some of those people. Dedan is a pilot and Jess is a children's librarian. They currently live on the island of Saint Thomas but recently celebrated their betrothal at Glencairn Museum in Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania. We had about an hour together on the museum grounds to take photos and it was completely magical. The light was perfect, the flowers were just starting to bloom, and the sphere this couple carried was beyond happy. I felt completely honored to witness it. 

Glencairn Museum Engagement Photography, Bryn Athyn PA. Montgomery County.

Inside Bronwen Henry's Studio

For starters, I have been a fan of Brownen Henry's artwork for years. It's bright. It's beautiful. It's bold. She has a flare for color while capturing the simple beauty in nature. But what I was amazed to learn about is the discipline she has to her work. Bronwen begins her day at 5am so she has time to paint before sending her children to school and going to her office job. 5am! I'm lucky to be out of bed half an hour before it's time for me to rush out the door. Her story is breathtaking and inspiring. I felt completely honored to photograph this woman in her home workspace. 

To see more of Bronwen's artwork you can visit

Pennypack Ecological Restoration Trust: Angela and Jon Maternity

Wow! I felt so blessed to take these photos. We hiked out into the Pennypack's snowy fields at dawn and watched as the sun lit up the ground with sparkles and the light caught in the tree's ice covered branches. It was breathtaking. A beautiful moment right before this couple welcomes their little one into the world. Angela and Jon are amazing people. They're fun. They're down-to-earth. They're kind. I feel happy to know them and was honored to photograph this special moment in their lives. 


Pennypack Ecological Restoration Trust. Huntingdon Valley, PA. Montgomery County.

Wedding: Beth and Mike

We had a snow day from school today which meant I had time to work on some long awaited photo editing from Beth and Mike's wedding this past December. I feel so blessed to be invited to capture these special moments for other people. Honestly, I think that's one of the best parts of being a photographer. Granted, along with these once in a lifetime moments comes pressure, but the more I shoot the more comfortable I feel. That and I've also been blessed with taking photos for a series of very relaxed brides. Beth was definitely one of them. As a second grade teacher, Beth makes organization look like second nature. Everything on wedding day flowed smoothly along and she was a barrel of laughs. Her laughter was so contagious that I couldn't help but smile while sorting through photos in post production. So I hope you enjoy the highlights! It was a beautiful day for a beautiful couple. 

Borough Park, Bryn Athyn: The Alden Family

Liesel Alden just turned one year old. Last autumn, she was a bump and now she's a tiny human! Photographing this family was an absolute joy. Micah and Tania are amazing parents the love in their family really shines through. 

As my peers are turning into parents, I'm finding myself photographing young families and babies more than I ever have. It's a very special sphere that I feel honored to be invited into.

Family Photography. Borough Park, Bryn Athyn PA. Montgomery County.

Pennypack Ecological Restoration Trust: Sarah and Schuyler Autumn Engagement

I had the best time taking photos for this cute couple. Sarah and Schuyler are friendly and very down-to-earth. Literally. They're an outdoorsy duo who spend free weekends going camping and hiking and doing all the things I wish I made more time to do. I loved that they were game for trekking through overgrown meadows and going off path to get different shots. It was a blast!

Engagement Photography. Pennypack Ecological Restoration Trust. Huntingdon Valley, PA. Montgomery County.

Event Photography: Abington Arts Center

To be quite honest, I don't do much event photography. Portraits are my thing. I love the control and time I can put into a single shot. During events, you have to shoot shoot shoot and hope that you get some good photos (which can be a challenge while people are chewing and talking and you are trying to be inconspicuous!) The lighting changes room to room and you just have to adapt to whatever is thrown at you.

A few weeks ago I was asked to photograph the Rosenwald Gala at Abington Art Center. A night in commemoration of 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Rosenwald Fund and introduce a digital public history project about Lessing J. Rosenwald, collector of rare books and prints, who gave the largest collection of art ever donated to the United States. 

The event was very swanky. Live jazz, wine, original artwork on display. A far cry from my usual walk in the woods taking photos.

But to my surprise, I loved it. I loved buzzing around behind the camera trying to capture the moments of connection between people. I loved being offered tastes of this and that from the sleek caterers. I loved feeling professional, blending into the background, and getting paid for what I love to do.

Fundraiser Event Photography. Abington Arts Center. Abington, PA. Montgomery County.

Manyunk: JuneBug Flowers

It's no secret that I love photographing flowers. As a gardener, I'm continually enchanted by them so I was thrilled when Lana Tang of June Bug Flowers asked me to photograph arrangements for her company. Lana is a self made floral designer based in Philadelphia. She creates bouquets for weddings, holidays, and the little everyday celebrations. Take a scroll through and see her beautiful blooms and designs. If you like what you see, you can also follow Lana's Instagram or check out her website at

Branding Photography: Junebug Flowers. Philadelphia, PA. 

Rose and Michael Engagement Photos

I've started writing this post about four times. I keep typing and erasing and starting over. Words cannot describe how much of a fan of these guys I am. Rose and Michael are the coolest. I had a blast following them around Minneapolis taking these photos. There are some things that just make me come to life. Photographing inspiring people in beautiful settings is one of them. Rose is driven, down to earth, and easy to be friends with. Michael is both funny and smart. Together they are a hilarious duo who make life For example, we had part of our photo shoot drinking bottomless mimosas on a Ferris Wheel (which sadly you can't see the view from because I only brought my 50mm lens). But I think you get the idea...

Bryn Athyn Cathedral: Quentin and Jerre's Wedding

This wedding was such a surprising blessing to photograph. I love photography, but I'm still deciding whether wedding photography is "my thing". Portraits and engagement shoots are what I'm most comfortable with. I can walk around and chat and take time with each photo. But on a wedding day, there is no time! Everything is a whirlwind and the photographer just has one chance to catch the moments as they fly by. I was prepared for a stressful day on my feet but was greeted by the most relaxed bride I've ever met. Jerre was happy and calm. She looked incredibly beautiful and I couldn't help but enjoy myself. I especially loved the attention to detail in this wedding. A sunset of flowers decked in ribbons, nephews wearing airplane pilot shirts (Quentin works as a pilot), and sweet smelling rosemary scattered down the isle. The entire day felt very relaxed and natural. Editing the photos afterward put an enormous grin on my face. Way to go guys! 

Wedding Photography: Bryn Athyn Cathedral. Bryn Athyn, PA. Montgomery County.