Bryn Athyn Cathedral: Quentin and Jerre's Wedding

This wedding was such a surprising blessing to photograph. I love photography, but I'm still deciding whether wedding photography is "my thing". Portraits and engagement shoots are what I'm most comfortable with. I can walk around and chat and take time with each photo. But on a wedding day, there is no time! Everything is a whirlwind and the photographer just has one chance to catch the moments as they fly by. I was prepared for a stressful day on my feet but was greeted by the most relaxed bride I've ever met. Jerre was happy and calm. She looked incredibly beautiful and I couldn't help but enjoy myself. I especially loved the attention to detail in this wedding. A sunset of flowers decked in ribbons, nephews wearing airplane pilot shirts (Quentin works as a pilot), and sweet smelling rosemary scattered down the isle. The entire day felt very relaxed and natural. Editing the photos afterward put an enormous grin on my face. Way to go guys! 

Wedding Photography: Bryn Athyn Cathedral. Bryn Athyn, PA. Montgomery County.