Joy Cole Photography



My name is Joy.

Thanks for visiting my website and I'm glad to see that you're an About Page reader. I am too. I'm also a photographer and preschool teacher from Bucks County, Pennsylvania. I like to set goals and make things happen.

My photography style is bright, natural, and colorful. I am a (mostly) self taught photographer who began shooting portraits in 2015. Starting out, I wasn’t trying to be a business owner. I photographed my friends and myself (via tripod and timer) for fun. Photography as a business has unfolded organically over the past few years leading me to where I am now. I currently offer various services at affordable rates including weddings, portraits, and branding photography.

For me, the study of photography has felt like a journey; which in many ways I feel like I’m still exploring. There is always room for improvement, and always opportunities to expand. But more important than photography itself, I love getting to know people because to me photography is a means of connection.

Being in front of a camera can be awkward. Like really uncomfortable-awkward. Trust me, I know. So baring that in mind, I invite you to have fun and feel relaxed while we get to know each other a little better.

If you’re interested, let’s chat some more!

Fill out the contact form on this website or call me at 267-625-0830.

When I'm not taking photos I enjoy biking on the Pennypack trail, trying out complicated cake recipes, and playing board games. I live with my husband Ben in Southampton, PA. Between the two of us, we share 30 nieces and nephews! I love my family more than anything and feel grateful for them everyday.