Joy Cole Photography



My name is Joy.

Thanks for visiting my website and I'm glad to see that you're an About Page reader. I am too. I'm also a portrait photographer and preschool teacher from Bucks County, Pennsylvania. My photography style is bright, earthy, and colorful. My photo sessions usually constitute a walk outside, some good conversations, and plenty of enthusiasm on my part (honestly, I just love portrait sessions).

Over the past several years creating beautiful images has grown into a passion of mine. But more important than the study of light and composition, I love getting to know people because to me photography is a means of connection.

Being in front of a camera can be awkward. Like really uncomfortable-awkward. Trust me, I know (I almost always feel self-conscious when someone pulls a camera out around me). So baring that in mind, I like to give lots of directions to whoever is being photographed so they can be silly, have fun, and feel relaxed.

If you’re interested, let’s chat some more!

You can email me at or fill out a contact form on this website!

When I'm not taking photos I enjoy biking on the Pennypack trail, felting wool sculptures, and trying out complicated cake recipes. I am twenty seven years old and live with my husband Ben in Willow Grove, PA.